Sunday: New World Funday with Koyle Costa Pinot Noir


I like to write about wines from New World countries on the weekends. Today’s post is about a lovely Pinot Noir that I got as a sample from Koyle Costa 2012. The 2012 is drinking beautiful with great red fruit and earthy notes on the palate, coupled with good structure, nice acidity and balanced alcohol. The tannins were supple and the whole experience made my wild salmon sashimi dinner even brighter.

This family winery has vineyards in Los Lingues, ALta Colhagua Valley and in Paredones on the Colchagua costa, just nine kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. The soils are yellow granite with quartz stones. The vineyard where the Pinot Noir is grown have different exposures, both north and south. The winemaker harvested lots on varied days in order to then be able to blend the grapes and come up with a wine that had layers of terroir to express. He also aged them for varied lengthens in disparate vessels, oak barrels and concrete eggs before the final blend was created.

The winery is very interesting and they are dedicated to biodynamic agriculture.Their viticulturist and winemaker Cristobal Undurraga sounds fascinating and they have done some great soil mapping on their properties with ‘Dr Terroir’ Pedro Parra. I look forward to trying more of their wines at a future date and even visiting Chile again, a country that I found fascinating. Saludos!

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