New Year’s Resolutions: Drink Only Good Wine

Pol Roger

Every year I make numerous New Year’s resolutions. Some of them I keep, I wish I could say all of them but this one – to drink only good wine – I am sure I can keep. While that sounds like an odd one, I like everyone who loves wine, sometimes drinks what they have in the house or what a bar or restaurant may have on the menu. At times, the offerings on the menu may not be stellar. That doesn’t usually stop me but this year, I think it will. So I resolve to drink only good wine, wherever I am and whomever I am with. I am starting the year out right with my family, Pol Roger and Barolo from Bruno Porro (Ribote).

Happy New Year to all. This year, I am challenging myself to write much more often on this blog and to get up to date with all of the wines I have tasted in recent years in terms of writing about them. By next year, I hope to have gotten through all of my backlogged articles, tasting notes, etc. It’s a goal and all the good wine I will be drinking will help me reach it.

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