Wine of the Week: Kuromatsu Hakushika Sake

Sen Sake

Sake only makes it onto this blog very occasionally. That’s not because I don’t drink Sake but it is because I feel more limited in what to write. Usually I am scoping out Asian wine lists to see what European wines they have on their lists.

Dinner at Sen with a dear old friend who I have known since I am 11 years old provided a great opportunity to stick to traditional Sake. My lovely friend and partner in many childhood adventures is allergic to grape based wine but apparently not to Sake. We shared a good number of glasses of this particular Sake, Kuromatsu Hakushika. It was very mellow and somewhat fruity with earth tones. I didn’t realize that it had more alcohol than I thought until this morning.

It can be served hot or cold. We had ours hot and it was a welcome drink during these cold days. Reading the website, the brand has a very long and interesting history. Sake is a world unto itself and I would love to visit a host of Sake Breweries. Another trip to put on my list.

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