Wednesday Reads: Gastropoda, Gunfight

As I work through my business cards late this evening, I came upon one of someone I have just met, or met for the second time, Regina Schrambling who writes Gastropoda and the name of someone I have known for a long time, Adam Winkler. Oddly enough I found a connection in their writings to a subject much on my mind.

I found Regina’s writing alternatively amusing, hilarious and always right on point. I found this post particularly apt as we await news of President Obama’s gun control efforts. New York is in the process of passing its’ own legislation on gun control.

While this is a wine blog not a political one, this is an issue I feel strongly about and am keeping close watch on the news. I think the cartoon she links to in her piece is particularly revealing. Well done Regina. Kudos to you.

My law school classmate, Adam Winkler – a professor of Constitutional law at UCLA, has apparently written the definitive and unbiased book on gun control. I’ve just ordered it and am interested to see his take on the issue although I suspect I will be less unbiased than he is in his take on it all.

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