Italian Indigenous Varieties: Malvasia del Lazio

This week's grape variety is called Malvasia del Lazio. It as you can imagine, grows primarily in the southern Italian region of Lazio, of which Rome is the capital. It is sometimes also referred to as Malvasia puntinata because of the small dots on the grape. Usually this grape is blended with other varieties, Trebbiano... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Cesanese Comune & Cesanese d’Affile from Lazio

I first discovered these grape varieties in 2005 when I was doing a series of interviews with winemakers throughout Italy for a project. The grape hails from Lazio where I have spent quite a bit of time thanks to a dear friend who lives in Zagarolo. Cesanese del Piglio is the only wine in Lazio... Continue Reading →

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