Campania Stories 2018: Wines from Colline Caiatine- Terre del Volturno

On the first evening of Campania Stories, we were invited to a dinner at Sclavia where we tasted some of his wines that are labeled Terre del Volturno. We met his lovely female oenologist canmed Anna Della Porta. The winery was founded in 2012 and has 13 hectares. I tasted their Casavecchia di Pontelatone DOP... Continue Reading →

Campania Stories Week 2018

This past April I went on a press trip to Campania to attend Campania Stories. The trip was fascinating and we tasted many wines. This week I am going to attempt to share my impressions of this wonderful region and the interesting grapes and producers I met while there. Campania has the following provinces: Avellino,... Continue Reading →

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