Wine Wednesday: Moscato from I Due Gatti

Today's Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Moscato from I Due Gatti. Where is that winery located you might ask and who is the winemaker behind that wine. That would be me. That's my wine, made with grapes I bought in New Jersey at Corrado's - the temple of home winemaking grapes and equipment - but... Continue Reading →

Home Winemaking Adventures: Due Gatti 2017 Moscato

I became a home winemaker in 2006. I ran out and bought all kinds of equipment at our local grape supplier, Corrados, and promptly did everything wrong. I pressed, racked and filtered the wine that year and used cultured yeast. I did not measure the sugars, I did not add sulphur, I put the wine... Continue Reading →

Super Teaneck 2017: Phases 2 & 3

My adventures with my Super Teaneck wines made from Moscato and Zinfandel continued through December when I racked the wine off it's incredible amount of dead yeast cells or lees for the final time before bottling. I transferred the wine into bottles this past December according to my Gurus at Corrado's - my wine mecca.... Continue Reading →

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