Italian Indigenous Varieties: Moscato Bianco

This week's indigenous variety is Moscato Bianco. It grows throughout the Mediterranean and was likely brought to Italy by the Greeks. It is closely related to the grape the Romans called Uva Apiana. It grows throughout Italy and can be found in the DOCS from Asti, Loazzolo, Valle d'Aosta, Colli Euganei, Colli Piacentini, Moscadello di... Continue Reading →

White wines from Valle d’Aosta Hit High Notes

Italy is an incredibly beautiful country, with 20 regions, many which have Alpine wines thanks to the presence of two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennine Mountains which run 1000 km from North to South through the peninsula. Today, I am looking to the smallest region in the North, the Valle d’Aosta. The tag... Continue Reading →

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