Italian Indigenous Varieties: Biancolella Bianca From Campania

I have been writing an indigenous Italian grape dictionary for about 18 months at this point. It has been a very long time since I have gotten back to this project but I will be posting one new variety every Thursday from now on. My first new entry is about Biancolella, a grape that grows... Continue Reading →

Women in Wine Fridays: Campania’s Famed Producers Marisa Cuomo and Silvia Imparato

At Vinitaly this past year, I finally had the occasion to wines by two of Campania's most famous women: Marisa Cuomo and Silvia Imparato from Montevetrano. Truth to be told, I had tasted a number of Marisa Cuomo wines at the Luca Maroni shows in New York but this was the very first time I... Continue Reading →

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