Saturday Sipping: Innocenzo Turco Granaccia from Liguria

Liguria is a small region in terms of its wine production, only about 4.5 million bottles a year but it is home to a wide variety of grapes, including Granaccia from Riviera Ligure di Ponente. This is the same grape that is seen in France and Spain but under the names Grenache and Garnacha, respectively.... Continue Reading →

Wine Sites On My Radar: Charles Scicolone On Wine, WineSurf

I've been reading Charles Scicolone's articles on wine for sometime now. I know Charles personally and always appreciate his view whether expressed loudly or faintly. I know which wines to put in front of him and which to avoid seeking his opinion on when I wear my PR hat. As a Italophile though, I always... Continue Reading →

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