Italy’s Debt Crisis – Let’s Buy More Italian Wine

Friday's on this blog are supposed to be dedicated to Italian women in wine but today I am so disturbed by the latest economic news from that country that I feel it should be mentioned. As I read with dismay the news about Italy's rising borrowing costs, worsening debt to GDP ratio and increased bond... Continue Reading →


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bonda

Italy, as we all know, has more indigenous varieties than almost any other nation. This is true throughout that beautiful country from North to South. This week's indigenous variety is one called Bonda. It sort of sounds like an attractive and sexy brunette but is instead a grape that grows in the Valle d'Aosta. This... Continue Reading →

Biodiversity – A theme at Vinitaly

Although today is Thursday and I promised I would write about Italian indigenous varietals, I want to write about a subject that kept coming up throughout my Italian trip - biodiversity. If in the meantime, before my next indigenous variety post, you want to learn of a new grape variety, check out Dobianchi's post on... Continue Reading →

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