Wine of the Week: Pinot Grigio from Cantina La-Vis

I have been very lucky to work on an exceptional project with 20 great Italian producers these past six weeks as the show has been touring US cities. Tomorrow, they will be in Chicago and last week some of the wines were shown during the Fancy Food show. Among the producers, was the winery Cantina... Continue Reading →


A New Leaf: A New Nation, Hopefully A New European Champion

I saw this double rainbow over Manhattan from a platform in the middle of the Hudson just over a month ago. I now belong to the Manhattan Sailing School and one of the privileges of this "club" is that you can go to a barge in the middle of the river and watch races, drink... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bonda

Italy, as we all know, has more indigenous varieties than almost any other nation. This is true throughout that beautiful country from North to South. This week's indigenous variety is one called Bonda. It sort of sounds like an attractive and sexy brunette but is instead a grape that grows in the Valle d'Aosta. This... Continue Reading →

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