Italian Indigenous Varieties: La Festa della Repubblica & “UNA”

Today is the "Festa della Repubblica" or Italy's national holiday celebrating the creation of the Italian republic. This year is a special anniversary year, it is the 150th anniversary of the republic's birth. All year long, the 150th anniversary has been celebrated in a variety of ways. In fact, Eataly owner and entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Celebrates 150 Years of Italian Unification With UNA

I arrived in Verona yesterday and was so excited to see the signs for Vinitaly around this city. This year, part of the festivities is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy. Veronafiere, the parent company of Vinitaly, created two special bottles of wine made from 40 indigenous grapes. Or better, each bottle is made... Continue Reading →

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