Ringing In the New Year with Berlucchi

Franco Ziliani met Guido Berlucchi in 1961 and they created the first sparkling wine in Franciacorta, hence the name of this Brut Franciacorta '61. Legend has it that Ziliani saw a fireplace made with white Botticino marble and wondered why they couldn't produce wines similar to those of Champagne when they had so much limestone.... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Berlucchi ’61 Brut

Guido Berlucchi has always been one of my favorite Italian brands. When I lived in Milan, this was one of two wines on every single restaurant and bar list. If I asked for a sparkling wines, the baristas would always say Berlucchi o Ferrari. I celebrated every occasion with one or the other and got... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Blogs To Know: Three Favorites

There are as many Italian wine blogs as there are American ones certainly, perhaps many more. Three that I like to read have joined forces, VINO IGP (i giovani promettenti) and are creating a column called Garantito IGP which is a designation for guaranteed quality. The three sites are in Italian, not English ahime' but... Continue Reading →

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