Women In Wine Fridays: Ilaria Petitto from Donnachiara (Campania)

I'm reposting this interview I did with Ilaria some years ago. Since this post, we've both had children, I've seen her often and her wines have exploded in the United States. Next week I am dedicating to wines from Campania so starting off with Ilaria seems perfect. I met Ilaria about eight years ago at... Continue Reading →


“Aglianico from Irpinia” – March #Italian FWT

  Here goes, this is the second time writing this post which I finished this am at 6:00 promptly posted and somehow got overwritten. In any event, what I said originally was that when Jeff of Food Wine Click  proposed this topic, I was thrilled. I love Aglianico and it was a great time to... Continue Reading →

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