Italian Indigenous Varieties: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica Bianca (Emilia)

This Malvasia di Candia Aromatica Bianca hails mainly from Emilia Romagna and can be found in the DOCs Colli Piacentini, Colli di Scandiano e Canossa, Monterosso Val d'Arda, Trebbiano Val Trebbia. It also grows in Lazio and can be used in the DOCs Cerveteri, Circeo, Cori, Genazzano, Montecoprati Colonna and my favorite, Zagarolo. A I... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Croatina Nero

This week's indigenous variety from Italy is called Croatina. It also goes by the name of Bonarda in certain parts of Italy where it is grown. This fruity red variety is grown in Lombardy, in Piedmont and in Emilia-Romagna and in the Veneto. It is deep in color, not too acidic and slightly tannic. It... Continue Reading →

Weddings, Friends & Nostalgia

I haven't written in a long while it seems but I was working very hard before going on a 10 day trip to Il Bel Paese. I'm staying with friends at the moment near my second home, Milan. My dear friend Silvia got married yesterday in Bobbio, a beautiful little town near Piacenza to a... Continue Reading →

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