Women In Wine Fridays: Stellekaya’s Ntsiki Biyela

Rumor has it or Skype at least that my friend and favorite South African winemaker is in town (NYC) this weekend - Ntsiki Biyela. I haven't seen Ntsiki in a few years but have spoken with her after her stay in Italy working at Petra. I'm curious to hear how her winemaking has been influenced... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week: Quimera 2009 from Achaval Ferrer

During the past month I have had the opportunity to taste wonderful Italian wines from the Alto Adige and Chianti but the tasting that most impressed me, certainly in terms elegance and splendor was the Wines of Argentina event for Malbec Day on April 17. The tasting offered wines from 20 producers as well as... Continue Reading →

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