A Tuscan Surprise: Gattaia 2013 -Toscana Bianco IGT from Terre di Giotto

Sometimes I decide not to try a wine because I assume that it won't be to my liking. This particular wine, Gattaia 2013 - an IGP from Tuscany, probably would have fallen into that category. However, I saw it at the portfolio tasting of Tradizione Imports - run by my friends Salvino Nasello and Marco... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Catanese Bianco & Nero

This week's grape varieties are Catanese Bianco e Catanese Nero. The former is almost extinct because of its' extremely sensitivity to disease while the latter is generally used as a blending grape with other varieties in Sicily. This grape grows only in the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Arigento. While the red version of the... Continue Reading →

New Column in Organic Wine Journal

I have recently started a new column in the Organic Wine Journal. Here is my first article. I will be writing about Italian wineries that are biodynamic, organic and sustainable or moving in that direction. I'm excited to focusing on this group of wineries which grows daily in Italy.

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