Expo 2015 Day 3, Streets of Milan, the Negroni and Wine Shops in the City

Today is the third day of the Expo2015. During the six months of the Expo, there will be "Nation Days" celebrating different nations, today Turkmenistan was the nation that was celebrated. I just learned, reading about the Expo, that they are famous for their melons, a font of export success. The street I want to... Continue Reading →

Expo 2015 Day 2, Streets of Milan, Milan’s Only DOC Wine

Expo2015 has opened and while this is a wine blog, I would be hard pressed not to mention the damage done to the city by those protesting the Expo. Many police were injured, protestors arrested, cars sent up in flames and store windows broken. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon in Italy around large global... Continue Reading →

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