Monday Musings: Kosher Wine Not Just for the Holidays

Over the weekend, I opened a rosé that was sitting in the fridge. My 30 something cousin had brought it to dinner on Passover. He id a big Scotch drinker so I had made sure we had Scotch but I was touched he brought wine. We drank a lot of Montepulciano at Passover and his wine stayed in the fridge. I had a friend come for dinner Friday and I had Salmon ready so I grabbed the only rosé I had. At first i didnt notice it was Kosher. Only later did I see that.
Two things came to mind and that is what this Monday Musing is about: one surprise that the wine was well made and two surprise at my surprise.

Why wouldn’t it be well made? just because its kosher doesn’t mean it has to be a terrible wine or taste in a specific way. Also, so much is happening in Israel wines at all levels.
The winery in question is super focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

The wine was very fresh and lively with loads of fresh fruit and good acidity. Made from a blend of grapes, 77% Sangiovese, 12% Pinot Noir, 6% Barbera, 5% Grenache, a harmony was created among its parts. We finished the wine in a heartbeat which is always a good sign. It made me realize that we are all often stuck in our heads and looking at something anew, is a good exercise that can yield positive experiences.


  1. I have had similar experiences with a number of Israeli Kosher wines. And the blend is a testament to how far these wines have come to be truly international wines in the spirit of America’s mosaic of wines these dYs. Thanks for presenting this wine and highlighting it “all-inclusive” profile. I’ll definitely look to purchase a bottle.

  2. I enjoyed your post. It reminded me how much I enjoy the new breed of Israeli winemakers. And look at the grapes they’re growing and vinifying. Thanks for refreshing my memory to enjoy a refreshing glass of Ros*é. See you tomorrow.*

  3. Jordyn, Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes the blend was a total surprise and I agree, it does show how international these winemakers have become. Cheers to you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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