Monday Musings: Pinot Grigio Ramato

Today’s Monday Musings is about Pinot Grigio Ramato and Mary J Blige. I bought her Sun Goddess wine made by the Fantinel Winery when I bought a selection of wines from run by African-American owners. It turned out that all of them were famous in one way or another which led me to initially be a wine snob and a tad skeptical.

I opened this bottle over the weekend and I have to say it’s brought me a lot of joy with different foods and just on it’s own as an aperitif.

Most people think Pinot Grigio is a white grape but it isn’t. It’s between a white grape and a red one but more towards red. Some call it grey but I don’t think that definition works. This to say that the Pinot Grigio Ramato style of wine is not one that is forced but rather was the traditional style until the 1980s. I know this from Albino Armani, a producer I have worked with since last year who also makes an amazing Pinot Grigio Ramato called Colle Ara.

Today’s post though is about the Sun Goddess wine which comes from Friuli Venezia Giulia. I found lots of nice minerality, salinity, and herbal notes in the wine and great acidity. It also has considerable residual sugar which I am sure makes it more approachable for most consumers. I had it with Indian food and the sweet/savory notes were perfect with the spice.

Tonight I turned on a song I used to love when it came out Let’s Get It Started. I remember dance classes I used to take in Milan with this tune and it brings me back to fun days in il bel paese.

The musing part of today’s post is that just because something is more mass market than what you usually drink doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. This one is a super fun summer/spring wine that has me dancing around my table on a Monday night and that’s a good thing. Also, I am sure she is opening doors for many people to understand what Pinot Grigio Ramato actually is, again, a good thing.

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