Monday Musings: Low Alcohol Wines

Today’s Monday Musings is about low alcohol wines. The picture above is of bubbles. I am thinking of bubbles that have low alcohol such as Moscato. A lot has been written of late of this trend towards wines with lower levels of alcohol, I’m just wondering if this is on your mind as well. I also have noticed since the pandemic that many people are feeling a need to cut their consumption which got out of control during the pandemic. I know I drank much more frequently than I had before the pandemic. I wonder if the same is true of you.

I don’t often look at the alcohol level of the wines I buy but I do notice for example the weight of the bottle or the color in the glass or the amount of oak on a wine as signs that maybe the alcohol is high. Sometimes those items have nothing to do with alcohol but often they do.

When I first started drinking Italian wines, most were coming it at 12% ABV or 12.5% ABV. Then it crept up in the 2000s until 13% ABV and 14% ABV were the norm. I know some California wines come in at 15% or even 16% ABV but I wonder will that change post pandemic. I am curious to hear what other people think. Please leave a comment.

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