Chile On My Mind: Winter Travels


As the cold of January seeps into my boned, I am reminded of past holiday travels in winter time. One of my favorite trips in the last years was to Chile, a magical place in all ways. When I visited Chile, I had the occasion to travel to a few wineries but the trip also encompassed four days on Easter Island, travel in the Atacama Desert and a week in Patagonia. Lucky for me, I have been able to sample many Chilean wines in the States as well. Chile offers incredible value and a host of interesting wines at various price points. Here’s a nice piece by blogger Gabe Sasso from Gabe’s View  on Chile for Snooth. Many rave about the Pinot Noir growing there. I have had a number that I liked but I still like to order Carmenere when looking at Chilean wines, more often than not. I like the spicy nature of the grape, something I find particularly in Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Here are some photos from my 2008 trip to Chile- truly a memorable one.



Wild horses on Easter Island

Sky on Easter Island



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    Today is a day I wish I were on a big trip to Chile. Luckily I can revisit through other people’s photos so for now, I am reposting this piece.

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