Italian Indigenous Varieties: Grillo Bianco


Although Grillo bianco is thought to have originated in Puglia, it is most widely known for its wines made in Sicily, specifically in the Marsala and Trapani areas. Grillo is a white grape with citrus notes that is used in the production of Marsala and Vermouth as well as in dry white wines, among others.  It is a grape that adapts well to wooden vessels and can age. It is also made into  mono-varietal wines or blended with other grape varieties such as Ansonica and Catarratto. It is used in a number of DOC wines such as Contea di Sclafani, Marsala, Mamertino di Milazzo, and Erice. For a great post on the many faces of Grillo, check out this link to Luiz Alberto of the Wine Hub’s piece on Grillo.

My own first trip to Sicily was a visit to this part of Sicily and the Egadi islands. A very memorable experience indeed. My photos are of course not digital because it was a long time ago. The Greek temple at Segesta I am sure is the same. This part of Sicily also reminds me of my first Italian boss who was from Marsala. A fascinating experience and a cultural revolution at the beginning but that is another topic.

One cannot mention Marsala without linking to Florio. Their history is amazing and Benedetta Poretti is a treasure of knowledge. I met Benedetta some years ago at Vinitaly and have always wanted to interview her. That post will be forthcoming, hopefully.

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