Wine Travel – Miramonti Hotel In Cortina With Masottina Wines

I’m on a wine trip flying to Portugal and the Tejo region thanks to the Dunn Robbins Group but I’m thinking of another recent trip to pass the time before we delve into the wonderful wines of the Tejo which I tasted a bit earlier in the month at a seminar and round-table discussion at Corkbuzz. Candela Prol gave the Master class on the wines and was very informative. So much so I have the sense that some of the area will be familiar to me when we land.

Hotel and Mountains

In the meantime though, I am looking through pictures from another trip I took this summer to VinoVip in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

View from Miramonti
A place I had never visited, the events were held in rifuigi at 1700 meters and higher as well as in a hotel called the “Miramonti.”

The hotel had spectacular views and a grand ballroom where seminars were held. They also had a charming bar with unbelievable views of the mountains. While sitting at the bar, I had a glass of wine and then another.
Miramonti Bar List

After a while I discovered that all of the wines, practically all still and sparkling were from a producer called Masottina. I liked their Prosecco from Conegliano Valdobbiadene. It was a pretty nice place to have all the slots on the wine list. Good gig if you can get it…

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