Wine of the Week: Nine Barrels Merlot from Shinn Estates on Long Island

I tried this Nine Barrels Merlot from Shinn Estate Vineyards on Long Island last week at Maslow 6. It was a delicious and quite a surprise for me. Old world in style with elegant subtle tannins and nice fruit without being overdone. Restrained or well knit as a blogger I was reading recently described a wine on Bigger Than Your Head. I like that expression and I think it is an apt description of this wine as well. Anthony Nappa, the winemaker at Shinn has really done wonders with the fruit and I look forward to trying the 2007 Vintage. I tried a 2006.

I haven’t visited the Shinn Estates Vineyard in Mattituck but it looks beautiful. They also have a Bed & Breakfast it seems so it could be a lovely weekend trip. I love that part of Long Island. For many years my family had a home on the North Fork but I only really discovered the South Fork in 2004. I like some of the wines from Long Island but I often find them thin and very pricey. This one was among the best that I have tried although I am also partial to many from Channing Daughters on the North Fork.

I’m in a New York state of mind this week of 9/11. I also had the good fortune to see Nadal at the US Open in the Finals. It was my first time at the Open and what a thrill. My next post may have to be about Spanish wines in his honor.

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